Monday, 8 February 2010

The Planning Begins

Anne Marie and I met up for lunch again and gently made some key decisions. We now have a Planning Wave and I will abstract the key bits here:

Determine Conference Paradigm

Research the BarCamp Model

We both feel more comfortable with this model. It requires less facilitation and the method is out there. Contrast this with OST

Research the Open Space Technology Model

OST appears to be totally proprietory. It is not easy to find "how to" information and would probably require one of us to go through (expensive) training.

Choose Paradigm

We've decided on Bar Camp. We have a local expert who ran a Barcamp at the end of January—Carl Morriws and Hacio Iaith.

Action: KU to contact Carl and invite him to meet up in a fortnight. (Done Awaiting response)

Define Theme

After much discssion we ended up violently agreeing that we wanted to explore all the ways in which people might need empowerment in, so not just "medical health" but physical, nutritional, mental, spiritual , etc. We felt that we should be using the WHO definition of health. (URL=

The theme is:

The unconference would create an opportunity to look at barriers, promotors, opportunites, potential solutions.

We are considering the title and strapline. We both want to avoid the word "patient" and Anne Marie wants to avoid "mpowered" too as not being a term that everyone would understand. We also want to emphasis that we are looking at the big picture in health so my current sugggestion is :

Health Camp Wales—How can we enable the people of Wales to optimise their well-being?